Our Marketing Consulting Program will deliver the results you need:

  • More new patients

  • More referrals

  • More referral sources

  • Increased treatment acceptance

  • Increased profitability


There is a huge opportunity for practice growth, and our program will teach you how to identify and capitalize on those opportunities, so you can have the success you deserve.  Medicine and Dentistry is seeing profound changes, unlike ever before.  In the past, a medical or dental practice could open up, hang a sign and patients came.  Today, this is no longer the case.  There are many more factors influencing a patient's decision to come to a practice. 

To grow your practice, you need a wide variety of marketing strategies to convert an interested individual to a patient.  Your marketing strategy needs to create a patient who continuously returns and refers their family and friends.  Our marketing consulting program helps to outline and implement proven strategies and partners you with the best team to launch your comprehensive marketing campaign.  Ackerman Practice Management will design a marketing strategy and coordinate efforts with your current online campaigns to get you the results you need. Depending on your type of practice and specialty, we will determine the correct balance of in-office, internet, and social media marketing.

As our marketing client, you receive a combination of special strategies, opportunities to network with SEO companies, development of a social media presence, a variety of in-office strategies, tools and creative systems that will grow your current patient base.


Your program will include:

  • Training your Marketing Coordinator on systems

  • Customized marketing materials

  • Targeted marketing campaigns

  • Social media strategies

  • And much more...

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