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Ackerman Practice Management's services are carefully crafted to deliver superior results based on your unique vision and values.  Ackerman Practice Management will provide the foundations and structure for your leadership success, foundations for your business systems, and accountability for your staff.  Our practical approach will get you immediate, measurable results.

Ackerman Practice Management believes that our full service management and consulting services are designed in a way that allows us to offer our services on a month-to-month agreement.  You can cancel at any time with a 30-day notice – yet few clients do, as we consistently assist them in reaching their goals year over year.  Our clients stay with us and continue to reach new levels of success because the systems we teach, mentor, and manage continuously generate results.  We help you focus on being a productive practitioner while we are focusing on building foundations and developing solutions for many of the issues you and your team deal with every day.

Because Ackerman Practice Management has worked with hundreds of doctors and dentists throughout the United States, we have the unique ability to use our cumulative knowledge from across the country to provide you with the absolute best solutions combined with the skills and expert knowledge of the best consulting team in the country.  There is no other medical / dental practice management firm that can offer these services for this price, and no one can approach our level of support.

Your Ackerman Practice Management consultant will continuously analyze the clinical, administrative, and financial components of your practice and make recommendations to positively impact the practice growth, the owner's peace of mind, the staff's accountability, and the patient's satisfaction.

Your Ackerman Practice Management consultant's primary purpose is to assist the client implement and reinforce the recommendations made for their practice.  This is achieved with phone calls, in-office visits, commitment of the owner and staff, and constant collaboration and cooperation between the client and the consultant.  The main goal of every meeting is to create a clear plan and move the practice forward into action. We will work together to build on every system developed and keep moving the practice into successful outcomes.

We offer comprehensive services in:

•  Office and Business Systems 

•  Case Presentation and Acceptance

•  Clinical Protocols and Work-flow Development

•  Management of Employee Recruitment & Dismissal

•  Call Training for Exceptional Customer Service

•  Conversion to Paperless Practice

•  Preparation for Facility Inspections

•  Supply Management

•  Development and Implementation of Referral Programs

•  Development of In-Office Healthcare Memberships

•  Implementation of our periodontal hygiene program, Perio Solutions Rx

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