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Ackerman Practice Management's financial consulting focuses on collaborating with your financial team to build strategic and high quality financial portfolios.  Our objective is to save our clients the time and the energy that it takes to manage their complex financial situations so that they are free to focus more closely on matters that mean the most to them - their patients. 

As part of the financial planning process, Ackerman Practice Management develops specific recommendations addressing:

  • Budgets

  • Practice profits

  • Minimizing tax liability

  • Coordination with financial planners and wealth management groups

  • Financial evaluation and preparation when on-boarding partners and associates

The client will meet with their Ackerman Practice Management advisor to evaluate and strategize based on your specific business goals. Once the recommendations are made, Ackerman Practice Management will assist in the implementation of the recommendations where possible.  A few examples include:

  • Arranging loans, mortgages and personal loans 

  • Introducing a client with commercial loan needs to an appropriate banking officer

  • Providing a banker with appropriate financial information to arrange/renew a loan

  • Evaluation of current business insurance 

  • Evaluation of current payroll program 

  • Evaluation of current credit card processing fees

  • Introducing you to appropriate companies for insurance fee negotiation 

  • Management of fee schedules

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