Your practice will survive COVID-19 and will adapt and prosper in the "new normal"

2020 is an unprecedented time.  The COVID-19 pandemic has forced medical and dental practices to navigate a myriad of complicated and unique circumstances.  As the world has resumed some degree of normal, the decisions to remodel your practice to adapt and grow during and after the pandemic continue to evolve, and these decisions will have a lasting impact on your practice.  Maintaining a flourishing practice will require you to make well informed, prompt, decisions.       

As soon as the pandemic struck the United States, the team at Ackerman Practice Management began to develop programs, tools and resources to assist their practices navigate these unique and challenging times.  During the height of the pandemic, we assisted practices make decisions about scaling back, temporarily closing, and/or converting to a telemedicine model.  Additionally, we assisted with the applications to numerous government loans and grants.  Our team of consultants have been diligently researching and developing customized protocols and processes for their practices to ensure continued adaptation and growth.  

Ackerman Practice Management and the dedicated team of consultants are committed to helping your practice during and after COVID-19.  Our team of experts will support your practice with recovery plans to help move forward and prosper in the "new normal".


COVID-19 Practice Response Program includes:

  • Create customized protocols for office reopening, including manuals, updated policies, consent forms, etc.

  • Communication with staff and patients about your COVID-19 response plan and all measures taken to ensure their health and safety

  • Develop and manage the telemedicine model

  • Handle employee furloughs, rehiring, and reopening

  • Replacing staff that will not or can not return

  • Evaluate the financial health of the practice and determine which actions are priority

  • Assist in the PPP loan forgiveness documentation

  • Assist the practice navigate the new FMLA rules and the expanded sick leave act

  • Develop new and creative programs to keep your practice moving forward and prospering, post-pandemic.     

    • Business Loans (SBA, PPP, Stimulus packages)

    • Practice closure and ownership issues

    • Telehealth updates with coding and documentation requirements

    • HIPAA and OSHA Compliance

    • Taxes and Insurance

    • Human Resources and Office Management

Ackerman Practice Management collaborates with a team of legal experts, accountants, and finance professionals to help medical and dental practices thrive.  We know that you need quick answers to ensure the success of your practice.  We are helping our doctors make informed decisions about navigating the ever changing post-pandemic environment and our team is committed to creating programs that ensures the health and safety of your staff and patients.  

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