We have worked with hundreds of doctors and dentists throughout the United States and know how challenging it is to become a phenomenal clinician and run a successful practice.  You have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in your education and towards the continued commitment to learn and provide the best care to your patients.  We see medical and dental practitioners throughout the United States continue to invest in personal and professional education, staff training, practice enhancement, and state of the art technology, yet still struggle to grow.  


At Ackerman Practice Management, we realize that during your schooling they did not teach you how to operate a medical or dental practice based on strong business systems.  Ackerman Practice Management knows that your practice will thrive with strong leadership and concise system development.  For your practice to grow and produce predictable and measurable results a strong foundation of constantly managed systems must be in place.  


We have found that most medical and dental practices are in a state of chaos because they are running day-to-day operations with limited consistency in fundamental practice systems.  The practitioner is often exhausted and frustrated, the staff is working incredibly hard, and despite every effort, the practice does not see sustainable growth or financial success.  The core of Ackerman Practice Management methods is about fundamental clinical and business systems and leadership.  With the right foundations in place, you can go to work with confidence, knowing that your efforts will be rewarded with predictable and measurable growth and success.  Ackerman Practice Management will provide you the tools and systems needed so your practice runs the way you want it to run, has consistent growth, and you are financially secure.


Ackerman Practice Management is about providing you with managed clinical and business systems, customized to your unique patient base, your philosophy of care and your goals.  Every system is customized for you.  We provide the operational policies, help establish measurable goals, set benchmarks, train staff, and manage business operations so you can do what you love, providing exceptional care to your patients.  

Practice Management Consultants
Shana Ackerman
Founder and CEO

Shana Ackerman, Practice Management Specialist, holds a Master of Business Administration, a Master of Accounting, a Bachelor of Science in Neuropsychology and an Associate of Science in Dental Hygiene.  She has been in health care and business management for more than fifteen years.  Prior to her career in healthcare, Shana served honorably in the US Navy where she gained insight into the strategic planning, discipline and implementation of operational systems in the world's largest corporation - the United States military. It was Shana's education and experience in the military and medical and dental practices that fostered her development of systems and strategies that provides effective planning, leadership, staff development, human resource policy and management systems, monitoring and consulting for medical and dental professionals throughout the United States.  

As a Practice Management Specialist, Shana understands that success starts at the top.  She understands that a practice owners' attitude and behavior will directly correlate to the success or failure of a practice.  Because of this knowledge Shana is able to assist medical and dental professionals develop strategic leadership skills. Shana recognizes how critical it is for a doctor and dentist to have a well-developed clinical standard of care and unique philosophy for their own business, but says, "without a strong foundation of business systems and consistency of purpose, the practice will not be able to see sustainable growth or financial success."


Shana's approach is unique in that she does not limit her systems implementation and training to a "manual" or cookie-cutter philosophy. Every aspect of her approach is customized to the unique personality of the client, the dynamic behavioral makeup of the staff, and the distinctive makeup of the patient demographics. Shana has participated in thousands of practice evaluations and made more than 2,500 onsite visits to medical and dental practices.

Leah Martin
Practice Management Specialist

Leah Martin specializes in dental practice management and loves to design unique comprehensive treatment plans for each dental practice she evaluates and manages. 

She specializes in creating custom systems, evaluating and managing dental practice finances and providing hands-on practice management training for doctors and teams.  She believes in working closely with the doctor to determine their personal and professional goals both financial and practice related to work, then work backwards by addressing all practice systems to attain these goals.  One of the things that makes Leah truly amazing is her keen insight to realize that each doctor, staff, office dynamic is different and all services must be customized accordingly.


Leah has worked in the field of dentistry for over 25 years.  She decided to pursue a career as a practice consultant 15 years ago, after successfully working in multiple practices where she went in and revised and implemented systems, detailed marketing programs, provided leadership, developed teams and successfully monitored these systems to more than double production within one year.   After her remarkable success locally, Leah decided she wanted to help more doctors and teams do this every day. She loves the challenge and satisfaction of watching teams and practices grow.  

Trisha Scott
Practice Management Specialist

Trisha Scott specializes in dental practice management.  She strives to provide each of her practices concise systems that are easy to follow and implement - resulting in rapid growth and success.  


Trisha has a passion for practice management.  She successfully teaches and implements key systems to deliver success to each dental practice she works with.  She specializes in helping her teams implement business systems for overall practice success, as well as periodontal therapy programs that treat oral disease, pathology, and total body health.  She takes pride in helping teams achieve the highest levels of success in all aspects of business and clinical practice.  

Trisha holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Dental Hygiene and has worked in the field of dentistry for over 13 years.  ​She decided to pursue her passion as a practice consultant after successfully teaching and implementing key systems to deliver success in dental practices during her dental hygiene practice.  She realized her passion for total practice success and wanted to reach a larger network of dentists in order to offer her exceptional skills across the United States. 

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